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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  May 24, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning, america. happening now, historic floods. the deadly rain and the rising rivers spilling their banks. the firefighter swept away to his death. homes submerged. neighborhoods gone. the watches and the warnings. evacuations and rescues happening right now. on edge. tensions in cleveland, the arrests overnight. police out in riot gear after a white officer is found not guilty in the deadly shooting of the unarmed black couple. climbing on to the hood of the car and firing 13 shots. >> i was totally surprised that he was acquitted. >> what the victims' families are saying this morning. caught on camera. skydiving accident. spectators shocked at a memorial
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day event, when this high-flier hits a power line. what went wrong. and wild ride. the competition heating up for the scariest roller coaster on earth. why this new one is unlike any you have seen. >> wish me luck. >> our reporter faces her fear to find the best ride of the summer. hey, good morning. let's get straight to our top story, that historic washout in the south central u.s. >> and this is an unprecedented, fluid and extremely dangerous situation throughout the region. we're seeing hundreds of homes under water and flash flood warnings in effect. we're also seeing evacuations and water rescues. in fact, one firefighter in oklahoma was swept away and died while attempting a rescue on the front lines.
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>> incredibly sad. here's what's causing this right now, a line of strong, slow-moving storms dumping massive amount of rain. these storms are on the move right now. we will get the forecast from rob in just a minute. but we want to kick off our coverage right now with abc's phillip mena who's in wichita falls, texas. 1 good morning. >> reporter: dan, good morning. the wichita rivers that spilled its banks. the storms that brought heavy rains and destruction. overnight, deadly floods washing across the midwest. in texas, i-35 washed out. stalling the biggest north to south interstate in that part of the country. flood waters rising. a vehicle pushed off the road by fast-rushing water abandoned in norman, oklahoma. outside tulsa, hundreds of water rescues, as torrential rains poured down from oklahoma to texas. police confirming a firefighter died overnight. >> one of our firefighters fell into a storm drain. we believe one of the other firefighters attempted to help him out. unfortunately, the other
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firefighter passed away. >> reporter: also in oklahoma, reported tornadoes touching down and winds destroying everything in its path. our oklahoma affiliate koco showing us the sheer force of the wind which ripped this gas station apart. in austin, texas, the fire department confirming dozens of dangerous water rescues where the river has risen almost 35 feet. at the university of texas at austin, the school cancelling the commencement ceremony because of the dangerous weather. back here in wichita falls, the river swallowing up this neighborhood. it's expected to crest at 25 feet late they are evening. dan? >> i know it's a damage rouse situation. do they have a handle? >> they are out there right now assisting with the search and rescue. and they will get an advantage as the sun comes up.
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>> phillip mena leading our coverage. storms firing up the rest of the holiday weekend and rob tracking all of the severe weather. >> good morning, paula. >> yeah we may get a break later today. but more rain coming. take a look at this map. this low isn't moving. you see the moisture coming from the topics, so it's deep. that is bhi the rain is so, so heavy. some of that rain, we'll go over the maps. what saw what? we saw 8 to 12 inches of rain and that's where the blanco river rose over 30 feet in just a few hours, a record-setter there. now we are getting late word that over 300 homes are submerged in that area. also up through dallas and across the red river and oklahoma, oklahoma city seeing a tremendous amount of rain. and this ground very much saturated, and that's why you're seeing the flooding. flash flooded watches and the reds are in the good. more rain coming. east of i-35 houston to sheave port will get the heaviest. dan?
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>> rob, thank you. as you said, we know that you'll stay on top of this story all day long on but we do want to move on now to our top story this morning, cleveland a city on edge. arrests overnight, as a judge acquitted a white police officer in the shooting deaths of an unarmed black man and woman. the officer climbed on to the hood of the car and fired 13 shots. and abc's alex perez is on the story. in cleveland right now. alex, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. many here going to bed last night not knowing what to expect. authorities working through the night to keep things under control. overnight, tensions in cleveland rising. police in riot gear. three people arrested. clashes with protesters after this officer is acquitted of charges in the deaths of this unarmed african-american couple. police pushing through angry protesters after a day of outburst and unrest. police officer michael brelo cleared of wrongdoing after firing 15 shots from the hood of timothy russell and malissa williams' car. into the front windshield.
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in a police interrogation, brelo said he felt his life was in danger. >> i could never, ever have been this terrified. >> reporter: the judge's decision causing outrage from the victims' family members. >> i was totally surprised that he was acquitted and that there were no charges. >> to me it was a hate crime. >> reporter: russell and williams were killed back in 2012, after leading police on a nearly 25-minute chase that ended up involving more than 100 officers. police who say at one point, they thought they were being shot at, finally cornered the car. multiple officers were firing. brelo jumped on the hood of their car. he later defended his actions to investigators. >> i thought i was going to get shot and killed so. >> reporter: the judge saying brelo's use of deadly force was reasonable. >> whatever the outcome, two people are still dead. >> reporter: the protests here have for the most part been peaceful. brelo, who could face administrative charges from the police department, declining to comment this morning.
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and the justice department has announced they'll be reviewing the judge's decision, the victims' family members expressing their thanks to demonstrators for keeping protests for the most part peaceful. paula. >> that situation far from over. alex, thank you so much. and now to the latest in the d.c. mansion murder mystery and the investigators' strategy to find any accomplices. with the prime suspect behind bars investigators are looking for more involved with the murder of four people. abc's ryan smith has been on this story from the start and has more. hi, ryan. >> reporter: good morning, paula. authorities are on the lookout for daron wint's accomplices. others they believe were in the house in the seize and killing. and while their criminal complaint reveals clues into their thinking. releasing those five people with wint could hold the key. this morning, authorities pressing on, in their pursuit for the suspected accomplices of daron wint in the quadruple homicide and fire at this d.c. mansion. in this criminal complaint filed friday, authorities say they
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believe the killing of savvas his wife amy, their son and housekeeper required the presence and assistance of more than one person. >> how do define control of four people under duress? it's almost impossible. >> reporter: that document revealing key clues of others' involvement. the day of the fire, according the complaint, the family's porsche was driven erratically. by a man with short, well-groomed hair, seemingly different than wint's hair. at his bond hearing friday. wint's criminal background and associates could hold the key. the former welder, was once arrested for carrying a machete and bb gun outside its headquarters. while the weapons in that charge were dropped, he's been convicted twice of assault and served jail time. authorities detaining wint and five others with him after an intense 24-hour manhunt. all five men and women have been released without immediately being charged. but that may be by design. >> there's a lot of reasons to
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keep people out of jail. when people are on the street they talk. the whole idea is to gather more information. >> reporter: the savopoulos family noting in a statement friday while they hope the arrest has calm. the daughters away at school during the fire now are looking at a funeral in a week's time for their parents and little brother. paula, dan. >> thinking about those kids this morning. it's hard for calm to be fully restored when there's alleged accomplices still on the street. ryan, thank you for your coverage of the story. let's send it over to ron who's tracking developments, especially historic days in ireland. good morning, everyone. we begin with that historic and resounding vote in ireland, legalizing same-sex marriage. celebrations on the streets of dublin, this in a country where homosexuality was only decriminalized two decades ago. in a landslide victory, with
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more than 60% voting yes. the emerald isle became the first country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage by popular vote. the construction now changed in this predominantly catholic country. >> the people have spoken. you know, ireland has moved on. it's just a different country to what it was a couple of years ago. >> ireland's most senior catholic leader saying the church now has a huge task on hand to reach out to young people. who voted overwhelmingly in favor of legaling gay marriage. the u.s. supreme court is set to make a decision on same-sex marriages here in coming weeks. and iraqi government forces are launching a huge counterattack in an effort to take back parts of anbar province, including the key city of ramadi, which is now under isis control. they have taken over another city. officials in baghdad saying that preparations are now under way for a widespread counteroffensive in that area,
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including irani-backed shiite militias. back here at home the massive oil spill in california. the company that owns the pipeline has still not located the source of the leak. it's the only pipeline, the only one in the county that wasn't required to have an automatic shutoff valve. the line which ruptured last tuesday had to be sealed manually. environmentalist groups are stepping up their efforts in order to save wildlife that was affected by the spilled oil. and take a look at this skydiving stunt that went terribly wrong. it was part of a memorial day weekend celebration in winchester tennessee. three people parachuting out of a plane. part of the military or reserves. one jumper, somehow ends up slamming into some power lines, then falling to the ground. he was taken to the hospital and released.
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investigation is under way. and new england patriots quarterback tom brady has a lot of die-hard fans, but this woman may have been his biggest supporter. patricia song who recently died wanted the world to know her opinion about deflate-gate. in her obituary, her family wrote about her ardent defense of tom brady. her family writing, she would like us to set the record straight for her that brady is innocent. okay? and finally, it's 2015, for all of you "back to the future" fans. it's the year of the hoverboard. take a look at this canadian inventor who recently set a guinness world record for the farthest flight by a hover board. blew the previous record out of the water, literally. 906 feet. it turns out that marty mcfly in "back to the future part ii" wasn't too far off after all
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with his prediction of 2015. flying cars may be coming soon, well, maybe not that soon. >> i think there's a reason he's using the hoverboard over water. >> it's a little safer. >> safe landing. >> in case it doesn't work out. >> thank you, ron. we're going to move on now to what should be an interesting week in the presidential campaign. hillary clinton is about to have company on the campaign trial in the form of this guy, vermont senator bernie sanders. back in 1986, he recorded a folk album. and abc's jonathan karl recently asked him about it. ♪ >> reporter: does this sound familiar? >> i got to get in the groove here. it does sound very familiar. 25 years later. >> let's bring in jon who's in washington, he'll be hosting "this week." sanders has his first big campaign event this tuesday, is this just a novelty run or can he have real impact here? >> look, i don't think he's going to beat hillary clinton.
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he might be the most unusual presidential candidate we have seen in a long time. he's 73 years old, he has a thick brooklyn accent. he's from vermont. and he's a self-described socialist. that said, bernie sanders has quite a following among the real progressive left of the democratic party, there will be debates. the dnc has said there will be at least four debates that hillary clinton has agreed to take part in. and it's not just bernie sanders. we are going to see martin o'malley. we expect he will announce he will run. so hillary clinton will have competition, dan. i don't think that she's fearful that either one of these two will beat her. >> well, it certainly will make things more interesting at the very least. >> definitely. >> jon, thank you. jon will have much more on the race to the white house, coming up later on "this week," on abc, including his interview with ohio governor john kasich, will he run?
7:15 am
jon wants to know what questions you might have. you can tweet him,@ jonkarl. paula, now, over to you. >> dan, thank you. and the most famous phrase in auto racing, "ladies and gentlemen, start your engines," will soon get this indy 500 off and running. the race plagued by fiery crashes. during practice runs. and espn's lindsay czarniak is at the brickyard right now. lindsay, can you tell us about the front-runners? >> reporter: yes, you know, i think when everybody looks at who might win today, the one guy who sticks out today is new zealand's scott dixon because he's on the pole. he won when he was on the pole back in 2008. he told me, being from new zealand, i have been to the world cup and the olympics. he says when he walks out on this track, he can feel it. it's unlike anything he's experienced. but you got to look at the veteran, helio castroneves. he's sort of like the old sage on the race team at penske. he came so close to winning last year, it really came down to a split-second move that was made. so, i think he's someone that you can never, ever count out. >> so dixon and castroneves.
7:16 am
so many crashes during practice, drivers like to push the envelope at the indy 500, any concerns over the track? >> reporter: you know, it's been a very, very difficult may, worst than they have seen in years, maybe even decades because of several crashes. hinchcliffe suffered life-threatening injuries, thankfully he's okay. all these drivers tell me the risk is ultimately worth the reward. winning this race is so big, it creates instant star status, paula. >> all right, lindsay, greater risk, greater reward. enjoy the race today. we'll be looking for you. >> thank you. >> and there will be a special honorary starter in the form of patrick dempsey and david letterman making his first appearance on their prerace show. >> he deserves a break. david letterman. 33 years of service. >> that's right. catch all of the indy 500 excitement right here on abc starting at 11:00 a.m. eastern. >> with mcdreamy making a special appearance. >> yes. while the indy 500 is part
7:17 am
of the fun this holiday weekend, let's not forget what memorial day valely about, honoring the men and women who serve this country. >> along those lines, we have an emotional reunion to show you, a young woman and a former lieutenant who saved her life. here's abc's david wright. >> reporter: just in time for memorial day, a chance to thank an american hero. she was just a baby when her mom an iraqi kurd wound up on saddam hussein's hit list. the u.s. granted the mother asylum, but the baby's name wasn't on the list. so, a young lieutenant colonel improvised. he swept up the baby and gave her a new name on the spot so she could get on the plane. >> i said, again, my name is greg. if the baby's name was greg, he's got to be a relative. she can go. >> reporter: they escaped to atlanta where they have lived ever since. she grew up a georgia peach.
7:18 am
now 18 years old, she never knew her hero. though she heard all about him. >> if it wasn't for him, i wouldn't be here. me and my mom wouldn't be here. >> reporter: peppin, now in his 70s, was surprised to receive an invitation to attend her high school graduation. >> the day i got her e-mail was one of those signature days that kind of makes your life worthwhile. >> reporter: having made possible the commencement of one life experience, he is delighted to be there for another. >> i'm happy you tracked me down. >> so am i. >> i wouldn't miss this for the world. >> reporter: a reunion 18 years in the making. for "good morning america," david wright, abc news, new york. >> oh, my word. he said getting that e-mail makes his life worthwhile, what an incredible moment. >> this big crazy planet, sometimes two lives intersect and really cool things can happen. we do have a breaking story right now, so we want to get it back to rob with a look at what's happening in the southern central part of this country.
7:19 am
>> to use your words the weather has been crazy. across the southern plains, parts of eastern colorado, this is what happened yesterday, severe thunderstorms, rain. that's hail, actually, coming down so hard that the hail is flooding the streets along with the rainfall, so, that's the potential today. we're not only seeing the flooding across texas and oklahoma, and really the past several weeks, we have been in this pattern where they get severe weather, flooding severe weather, flooding. all kind of the same time and that is what we see today. today, the severe weather threat slides a little bit further to the east. springfield and little rom. that will stretch farther to the east and down to the south as we go through tomorrow. dallas, back to houston and corpus christi under the gun tomorrow. i think we'll see another pulse come out of that system that's in the rockies that just refuses to move. meanwhile after a chilly start yesterday across the northeast, beautiful sunshine we are seeing the heat begin to build for the first unofficial day in summer. 85 degrees in raleigh. 82 degrees in philadelphia. 80 degrees in boston.
7:20 am
tomorrow even warmer, a little bit of humidity. memorial day plans i-95 corridor the beaches along the east koers look to be pretty good. thunderstorms >> during the break, ron claiborne asking a heartfelt and accurate question, does this end the drought across texas and oklahoma? >> yes, this will pretty much wipe it out. a couple slivers along the panhandle but this is done. >> hard way to do it. >> yeah. >> yeah, it's painful.
7:21 am
>> thank you very much, rob. coming up on "good morning america" -- the woman charged with killing her fiance on a kayaking trip. scream machine, the race to have the scariest roller coaster with the laumpbl of the matman 4d ride. are they actually safe? >> no. and major meltdown, a toddler with 1 case of the terrible 2s loses it in front of the president. her mother revealing exclusively to "good morning america" this morning what set the toddler off. >> that's the carpet of the oval office. >> yes. >> maybe she's a republican.
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early y this month, held on $3 million bail charged with second degree murderer in con next with the death. police refusing to release identifying information about the body but the torn telling fabz it is him, the people who care for him and love him will
7:32 am
be able to get close sure on the disappearance. she spoke about the disappearance to a news station after she said the kayak capsized. >> he was trying to paddle the waves. they were crazy. >> prosecutors say she admitted to investigators she tampered with his boat so ift would take on water, saying she knew the actions would contribute to the death. graswald and her attorney claim she's innocent and saying it's all an accident, alleging the confession to the police was forced. this may be the result of a cultural misunderstanding. graswald is from latvia. >> she comes from a society where weakness, whether it's in the form of sorrow, grief, fear, is frowned upon and culturally and socially. >> reporter: prosecutors alleged graswald did it all for two life insurance policies that could net her $250,000. and that she even talked about what she could possibly do with
7:33 am
the money. for "good morning america," mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> and our thanks to mara for that report. let's get another look at the morning headlines and ron. good morning, everyone. we begin with the historic floods soaking the middle of the country, now turning deadly, a claremont, oklahoma firefighter has died during a water rescue. some residentses of north texas and oklahoma have been forced from their homes because of the record rainfall. and in cleveland, ohio, arrests overnight after a police officer, michael brelo, was found not guilty of killing an unarmed black couple in a barrage of gunfire. police in riot gear pushing away angry protesters. following a day of outbursts and unrest. and overseas, an international group of 30 women activists have crossed the heavily fortified border between north and south korea, into north korea, calling for women to be a part of the peace process in that region. and finally, a turf war of a different kind, take a look at
7:34 am
these hungry cubs who can't bear to share this garbage can in new jersey. these two were duking it out over the overturned recyclables. which probably discuss haven't much food in there. they will figure it out. >> oh, geez. >> they're duking it out. >> darwin would be proud. >> a little bit later, they go back to battle in a neighbor's yard. went another 12 rounds. they wandered off. that's the end of it. we don't know which one won. >> is the lesson don't leave your recycling outside? >> thank you. >> don't fight with a bear if you're a bear. >> uncle ron. rob, this has been a really busy morning in your department. >> yeah, i mean, it's so widespread and in many cases, historic stuff. unprecedented. it's really remarkable. we want to show you a live shot out of dallas. i'm assuming this is the trinity river, but it's one of the many rivers that's over its banks. dallas, you'll get another pulse of rain, i think today.
7:35 am
a bit of a break and then another shot tomorrow. want to show this shot this is wemberley, just outside of houston, in hayes county, this is where the blanco river rose 30 feet in just a few hours and submerged over 300 homes and you can see the household items in that home just kind of floating and hanging out there. so, remarkable stuff. these red areas are flash flood warnings are happening. all of oklahoma under that red now. i have mention also that we have severe weather that is rolling west of houston. severe thunderstorms, west of houston. those cells are moving from the south on the north, and that's an indication of where this moisture is coming from the gulf of mexico, the tropics, and that's why it's so, so deep. that's why we are seeing the heavy rain. the green, four inches or more on top of what they have already seeing. the river may get flooding.
7:36 am
it will stretch up to the north. although the flooding across the northern tier won't be as nearly as bad. west, unsettled weather. southwest looking pretty okay. >> thi >> this weather report brought to you by new flonase allergy relief. and pollen knocked down across the central -- >> we noticed. i'm still feeling it. i think i need to call in sick. >> we need some rain across the northeast. >> it's too late for that. just so you know, exactly. she's here, ladies and gentlemen coming up, the best and worst rides at the theme parks. it's an arms race out there who can put together the most terrifying experience. and summer sizzler, we have a first look at the red-hot poster of the stars from "magic mike xxl." shirtless, of course. in "pop news."
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♪ i'm on the edge of glory ♪ ♪ i ♪ i'm on the edge of glory ♪
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i think it's fair to say what's going on at theme parks across america right know is nothing short of an arms race. >> do you want me to hold your hand? during this story? >> please. you may see me sucking my thumb. >> the battle is on to bring you the big thrills, the biggest and fastest rides around. abc's marci gonzalez is at six flags great adventure in new jersey. where she is apparently ready so go on a test drive. >> reporter: good morning. i'm all strapped in here on the batman ride. if you ask me, it's already scary enough. but starting in july, they'll start running this ride backwards. as the start of the summer amusement park weekend kicks off, this is one of the many rides taking the thrill factor to a whole new level. it takes a superhero strength stomach to handle some of summer's ultimate attractions like this. the new batman ride at six flags in texas. using magnetic fins to flip riders as they fly around curves
7:42 am
and conquer 90-degree drops. amusement parks across the country are in an all-out battle to build the wildest, most scream-worthy thrills. from the largest water slide in kansas city displayed by matt gutman. to the ride in new jersey promising the tallest and fastest drop. zumanjaro plunging riders 41 stories at 90 miles an hour. and the roller coaster race only gets more outrageous with the so-called skyscraper being built in orlando, promising to shatter records when the 570-feet ride opens in 2017. while rides keep getting scarier, are they also getting more dangerous? >> you shouldn't avoid the amusement park, it's inspection on top of inspection on top of proper maintenance that keep the rides safe.
7:43 am
>> reporter: there have been some unforeseen scares in the past two months. riders at disney california adventure were stuck at the peak of this coaster back in april. earlier this month people in pennsylvania were stalled sky high on three different rides on a power outage at hershey park. no one was hurt in the incidents. according to industry research, riders only 1 in 24 million chance of being seriously hurt on a roller coaster. meaning, you're actually more likely to be injured on a playground and this is definitely no merry go round.
7:44 am
and this isn't either, as we make the butterfly in the stomach build up to the first big drop, i'm going to lose my ability to speak. i'll send it back to you guys in new york. >> oh, my word. better marci than us. >> this looks like the worst assignment, ever. >> is she laughing or screaming? >> i think both. a combination. >> i don't think it's a coincidence that the guy watching it with envy is the professional storm chaser over there. he runs towards tornadoes. >> i love losing my stomach. the rides that spin i'll lose my cookies. >> you got to draw the line. >> you're not sucking your thumb. >> i like to say you can't hurt steel. i don't actually mean when i say that. >> he's not steel, but you are brave. >> rob, we'll go on a roller-coaster adventure. maybe, sara, too. >> let's do it. >> i'd consider it, if we get lunch after. >> after, yeah. coming you on "good morning america" -- a mortifying moment what happened when 2-year-old girl got to meet the president. her mom telling "good morning america" exclusively what led to this meltdown. it's all ahead in "pop news." is that the president right there? >> oh, wow. >> that's cute. >> the first feet.
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♪ it's "pop news," sara haines, we haven't heard enough from you during this show. >> no, i agree. a i try to tell people every day. attention, please. thank you. >> bring it! if you like a six pack, get ready. i'm not talking cold beer, i'm talking hot bods. the people behind the sequel of "magic mike" have just released a poster and it's ridiculous. check it out. that isn't photoshopped. channing tatum, mat bomer, joe mangianello, kevin nash, and adam rodriguez. all featured in their shirtless glory to moment "magic mike xxl." the male stripper movie hits theaters july 1st. am i ready? abs-solutely.
7:49 am
>> i'm looking at their eyes, personally. right at their eyes. >> i'm not focusing on personality, it's time the tables are turned. objectifying this one. nothing from the boys, really? >> i feel like i need to take a bath in purell now. >> pass the purell, people. >> it took a year of planning. a man just pulled off an epic surprise proposal. vincent from the bronx, brought his girlfriend to new york central park. where he got her to pose for a picture with him. now, everything's good so far. all of their friends and family were behind them. >> oh, that's great. >> holding up signs that say, will you marry me? it was not until she stepped out of the picture and turned around that she realized what was going on. >> oh. >> that's really clever. >> and she said -- >> no? >> you can't say no to a guy that plans that much. >> i know right where that is. that's in central park. >> yes. >> i love this.
7:50 am
>> that's great. >> now, the cute thing is, when he gave the camera over to a stranger, he said, dude, it's on video and just go with it. he figured out what was happening. the guy kept rolling to make sure -- >> he did a really good job. >> this is a total stranger shooting this. how cool. >> that guy should be invited to the wedding. >> yeah. he said a thank to the family and friends for making it. he said it was the happiest moment in his life. he kept rolling and capturing it all. >> i think the wedding photographer right there. >> yeah. okay, sometimes we forget that it's the little things that can make us happy and that's why we call -- oops, we all can learn so much from this. this toddler is eating ice cream and cannot -- this looks like me on the weekend. >> oh, my gosh. >> listen to that giggle. >> listen to that. >> that's kind of demonic, isn't it? >> really. >> ron!
7:51 am
>> i'm just kidding, it's a joke. >> one more. >> that was a little demonic. >> maybe a little demonic. >> that was so adorable. we all know a child's attitude can turn on a dime. i'm sure parents can relate to the next story. imagine you're invited to the white house and you bring your toddler to meet the president and then this happens. that's little claudia, pounding out her frustrations right in front of the president and mrs. obama. to his credit, the president rolls with it. he's a dad. he gets it. it ends up, she wanted to wear something -- she wanted to change right before she met the president. >> of course she did. >> that's what happens. >> how could she possibly wear that? >> not unlike his feelings for some foreign leaders i'm sure. >> thank you very much for "pop news." we'll be right back with more. keep it here.
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karl, he's going to be hosting "this week," make sure you catch his big interview with ohio republican governor john kasich. what he has in store for 2016. plus, the latest on the hillary clinton e-mail controversy. have a great memorial day weekend, everybody. >> yeah, thanks for joining us. 2016. plus, the latest on the hillary clinton e-mail controversy. have a great memorial day weekend, everybody. >> yeah, thanks for joining us.
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